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Thought leader launch
✔️   Grow Your Income and Influence
✔️   Write the Right Book to Grow Your Business
✔️   Learn How Top Influencers Write Books Rapidly
✔️   Become Recognized and Rewarded as a Thought Leader
✔️   Discover 7 Ways to Make 7 Figures with Your Million-Dollar Message
Discover how Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, and other extraordinary entrepreneurs created wealth and authority by becoming media-savvy authors.

No one wants to struggle for years to write a book.
Fortunately, there is an easier way. Sir Winston Churchill used this secret solution and he won the Nobel Prize for literature. Movie stars, politicians, and business tycoons take advantage of this method. You can, too.

Aurora Winter reveals proven strategies to reach, raise, and make millions.
Profit from your words, whether they are delivered as a book, video, pitch, or presentation.

Powerful, persuasive communication doesn't happen by accident. Learn how you can deliver a dynamic TED talk, a lucrative pitch, and an engaging TV interview. Discover how the right book can build your income, impact, and influence.
Discover how the right book
can build your
income, impact, and influence
(We Pay for the Book, You Cover the Shipping)
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Magnetize your marketing!
“Most people have no clue what a game-changer it is to become a published author. And becoming a media-savvy author is another quantum leap forward in influence, income, and impact. Thought Leader Launch is a must-read for anyone serious about becoming recognized as the leading expert in their field. It provides the insider info you need to succeed as an influencer today."
- Alex Carroll, best-selling author, radio publicity expert

"This well-written book serves up all of the ingredients one needs to get their message out, from soup to nuts. So pragmatic and direct - no fluff! For those of us starting a business, on the lecture circuit, or writing a book, Aurora is spot on. "Thought Leader Launch" has helped me immensely - staying on track and avoiding lots of pitfalls. A must read!!!"
- Greg Hammer, MD, professor at Stanford

"Aurora's message is uplifting and empowering."
- Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books

(We Pay for the Book, You Cover the Shipping)
This Limited Time Offer is Only Available Now
Thought leader launch
✔️   Your Million Dollar-Message
✔️   Your Business
✔️   Your Media Spotlight
✔️   Your Launch Blueprint
✔️   Your Best Writing Hack
✔️   Your TED Talk
Aurora Winter is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful businesses in different industries, all from scratch. Aurora’s passion is to help people language and leverage their unique gifts, talents, and vision, so they can get their message out to millions, and build profitable businesses that make a real difference.

A sought-after speaker, trainer, and expert, Aurora is frequently featured in the media, including CBS-TV, ABC-TV, FOX-TV, KTLA-TV, Hallmark Channel, Huffington Post, Oprah radio, NPR radio, Success magazine, Elle magazine, and more.

This Book Is Your Blueprint To Launch As A Thought Leader!
(We Pay for the Book, You Cover the Shipping)
This Limited Time Offer is Only Available Now

Powerful, persuasive communication
builds businesses,
books, and brands
Clear, concise, compelling messages launch startups and movements. Yet many smart people sabotage their success because they fail to communicate effectively. Today, leaders absolutely must be masterful communicators.

TV producer, author, and entrepreneur Aurora Winter demystifies the neuroscience behind great communication. The best message integrates smarts, showmanship, and story-telling—think Hollywood meets Silicon Valley.

This book pulls back the Hollywood curtain on effective story selling. You’ll learn 7 ways to make 7 figures with your message, whether it is delivered as a pitch, TED talk, video, or book. You’ll learn the strategies that my clients and I have successfully used to reach, raise and make millions.

what other people
are saying:
"Aurora Winter is a marketing expert who has launched three 7-figure businesses. She has a simple 3-step recipe you can use right away."
- Jenny Toste, anchor CBS-TV

"This book is packed with hard-won wisdom to transform your leadership and business. A must-read for any leader wanting to maximize their influence and impact exponentially more lives.   Aurora truly is an authority in helping thought leaders master successful launches."
- Mary Allen, speaker, best-selling author, The Power of Inner Choice

"This little gem of a book is not some ivory-tower theory, but is written by a go-getter with a track record of success."
- Kelly Sullivan-Walden, best-selling author

I admire Aurora and her work. Others can gain strength from her wisdom and experience."
- Dr. Bernie Siegel, best-selling author

“Thought Leader Launch is an epic book full of knowledge, wisdom, and tools to help you take action, overcome self-doubt, and use proven strategies to succeed. I highly recommend it! Keep it as your guide. It worked for me.”
- Irvana Eloundou, MBA, Hotel owner

"Aurora Winter is a leading coach and thought leader in the world today."
- Dr. Pat Baccili, radio host

"Magic for anyone looking to grow their business."
- Russell Feingold, author, entrepreneur

"I am thrilled to have found Aurora’s book which she has packed with hard-won wisdom that is already transforming my leadership skills and my business. For years I have been building my unique message to help others, employing multiple approaches to get my message out into the world as a thought leader, each time with incremental success. This is a must-read for any leader who wants to live up to their full potential to influence and inspire.”
- Bruce McGovert, entrepreneur and branding expert

"It is so important to create a clear, compelling message. And to systematize delivery to my customers in order to bring my gifts, skills, and talents to the world. I can't thank Aurora enough for how wonderful her content is!"
- Bill Stierle, entrepreneur

"Aurora Winter is a wonderful speaker and writer. Her content helps us go from stalled to stellar!"
- Rev. Temple Hayes

"Aurora Winter provided practical knowledge on how to launch businesses and publish books. Anyone can benefit from her knowledge and enthusiasm!"
- Simone Bigolin, Professor, Entrepreneurial Strategy, CIMBA Italy

"Do yourself a big favor and learn from this brilliant woman and master trainer."

- James Malinchak, best-selling author

“Get ready for a mind shift! People are hungry for transformation. Thought Leader Launch will help you transform into the leader you were meant to be.”
- Diane Burton, author, TEDx speaker

“Do you have a message?  Do you feel a desire to get that message out into the world?  The only way to do that quickly, efficiently, effectively and successfully is to have a plan.  Aurora gives you that plan and more.  If you attempt it on your own, you may change a few lives, but if you follow the steps that Aurora lays in front of you, you can change the lives of hundreds of thousands - or millions - of people."
- Robinson Smith, entrepreneur, author, Master Your Mortgage and Retire Ready

"What a compelling and well written call to action for everyone to share THEIR stories - WITH the guide for how to successfully get your message to your audience! I sat down with the intention of reading one chapter and got up almost 2 hours later after I finished it!"
- Maureen Burke, coach, Vancouver WA

"Thought Leader Launch is a real paradigm shifter! It makes a very salient case for sharing my hard-earned knowledge and expertise for fun and profit. Aurora mixes lively writing, anecdotes, and on-message prescriptive seamlessly, sparking a bounty of ideas and providing clear direction. It is a blueprint for how to successfully launch a career as a Thought Leader."
- Stephen Dedola, business owner, LA
get your message
out to the masses!
(We Pay for the Book, You Cover the Shipping)
This Limited Time Offer is Only Available Now

Serial entrepreneur Aurora Winter demystifies the magnetic marketing messages needed to trigger success. A TV writer-producer, she uses her film-making background and neuroscience to help entrepreneurs get their messages out to the masses. The most effective communication integrates smarts, showmanship, and story-telling -- think Hollywood meets Silicon Valley.

Leaders launch startups and movements by leveraging clear, concise, compelling words. Yet many smart people sabotage their success because they fail to master communication skills. Failure can be avoided with the right training. Aurora trains people how to confidently share their own memorable message, whether it is delivered as a pitch, talk, video, or book.

A sought-after speaker and trainer, Aurora is frequently featured in the media, including ABC TV, CBS TV, KTLA TV, Success magazine, Elle magazine, and Oprah radio to name a few.

Her popular workshops and training courses include Your Million-Dollar Message, Thought Leader Mastermind and Thought Leader Book Launch. A life-long learner, Aurora studied business, neuroscience, and leadership and graduated with an MBA from the University of Iowa in 2015. Aurora is devoted to launching thought leaders.

(We Pay for the Book, You Cover the Shipping)
This Limited Time Offer is Only Available Now

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